Preparation for Umrah

Recommendations for Travelers to Umrah

Before Departure:
Call the respective airline to request any special needs to ease your travel and to reconfirm your reservation at least 3 days before departure.

Make three [3] copies of ALL OF YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS including your tickets (keep one in carry-on bag and the other in the suitcase and one copy at home).

Make sure to prepare & keep your entire ORIGINAL travel document in a secure pouch and on your person and easily accessible to you at the time of request. This is a good time to ensure that all of the following documents are in order:

  1. Travelers Passport with Meningitis shot record is attached.
  2. Airline Tickets receipt
  3. Credit Cards (easy and secure way to carry your money)
  4. Personal expense cash (if not taking credit card) in large NEW BILLS for better exchange
  5. Travelers checks are discouraged since they cannot be cashed without yours passport after you leave the Hajj Terminal.
  6. Small pack of necessary items to maintain your personal hygiene & First Aide Kit
  7. One extra pair of glasses or contact lenses (if your require them)
  8. Surgical Mask or face mask to protect from dust and allergens
  9. Money-belt or travel waist-pouch for cash and passport
  10. Prescribed and general medicines specially to relieve Soar Throat/cough/anti allergens , Muscle Pain and Fatigue
  11. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for the proper medication to take specific to your health care.
  12. Cell phone is very recommended

Remember! During the travel the light-weight language is a lot more convenient. The most important thing to take with you is Patience!

Note Please remember:
We do our best to provide a service and make it convenient for you to perform hajj. Inshallah, All will go smoothly as planned but due to the nature of this journey involving Air, Hotel & Ground transportation and all provided by separate entities not under Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency control; any issues that arise from these said entities will be THEIR responsibility and we will do our best to help you resolve them by mediating. But by no means, Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency or any person or subsidiary will not assume any responsibilities for the above mentioned entities-for detailed explanation please refer to Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency Terms & Conditions page. We can say this in just two words – “Your Satisfaction.”

Security Policies & Procedures:

Packing Tips:

  1. Airport security screening procedures are significantly more stringent than before. Items in your suitcase that may have passed through before may not be accepted on board aircraft today. Consider leaving at home items which could be perceived as threatening or may raise suspicion at a screening checkpoint (i.e. items found in a manicure kit).
  2. Remember that NO knives of any size will be allowed.
  3. Anticipate having to open bags for inspection. Pack efficiently, placing smaller items together in a pouch or bag.
  4. Make sure that each suitcase and carry-on bag has a name tag securely affixed to it.
  5. Be certain that you have a government-issued photo identification card (i.e. drivers license) and  a passport.
  6. Identification requirements vary for domestic and international travel. If you are unsure as to what identification is required, please ask the air carrier. You will not be allowed to check in without the proper identification.

Getting To the Airport:

  1. Before leaving home, call the airline or contact the airlines Website to confirm the status of your flight. If your flight has been cancelled, contact the airline directly to reschedule or make alternate travel arrangements.
  2. Expect restricted airport parking.
  3. Plan on checking in two hours prior to departure for domestic flights & three hours for international flights, you may be asked to check in as early as five hours prior to departure. Check with your particular airline for specific information

At The Security Checkpoint:

  1. Access beyond the security checkpoints is now restricted to those passengers who’ve been issued a valid boarding pass.
  2. Have ticket paperwork available, along with identification.
  3. Prepare to empty pockets of coins, metals, etc.
  4. Prepare to demonstrate the operation of electronic equipment such as laptop computers, cell phones, etc
  5. Be patient. Do not make jokes about security. Comply with all security instructions
  6. Expect increased passenger and baggage security screening. Wand checks and full-body hand searches may be enforced.

At The Gate:

  1. Leave no bag unattended. Maintain a sense of awareness.
  2. Keep ticket paperwork and identification available
  3. Expect to see teams of individuals aboard the aircraft before passenger boarding in order to sweep the plane as an added security precaution. These individuals may board the aircraft from inside the terminal building or they may enter and exit via the jet bridge stairs.
  4. Pay close attention to announcements. Board the aircraft as directed by gate agents. Do not wait until the last minute to board the aircraft.

On board the Aircraft:

  1. Expect to see random searches of service personnel, flight crews and equipment.
  2. Listen to and follow crew instructions at all times. Flight crews are trained to ensure comfort and safety..
  3. Be patient if departure is delayed. Passenger boarding and baggage loading are being carefully coordinated by the ground handling crew.

Helpful Hints During the Tour:

  1. Don’t eat from small restaurants, but from big and clean ones.
  2. Never drink the tap water. Spring water and ZAMZAM water is available.
  3. Try not to always eat to your fill.
  4. Never drink something cold after coming form the outside heat.
  5. Try not to tire yourself before Hajj.
  6. Expect people coming from all over the world, be patient with their manners.
  7. Spend your time wisely and not in useless conversations with your fellow travelers.
  8. Memorize the phone number and address of your hotel.
  9. Plan for your next day , go over the act s of worship you will be doing and what necessities you will be needing to take with you (snacks, towels, etc.)