Super Deluxe Umrah Package 2018 – 1439 from USA

The Super Deluxe 5B stars Land Umrah Package

Valid Dates from Jan 10th to May 15th, 2018

All Packages’ prices are per person
Land Umrah Package 4 persons sharing 1 room = N/A
Land Umrah Package 3 persons sharing 1 room = $995.00 per person
Land Umrah Package 2 persons sharing 1 room = $1125.00 per person
Land Umrah Package 1 persons sharing 1 room = A$K

The Super Deluxe 5B stars Land Umrah Package includes:

  1. Umrah Visa Processing , “see detailed services below”
  2. Meet and assist at Jeddah / Medina Airport by Dallah Company for Umrah services’ agent
  3. All needed ground transportation , Medina – Makkah – Jeddah
  4. 3 nights stay in Medina at 5 stars hotel, like ZamZam Hotel, or similar, breakfast is included.
  5. 3 nights stay in Makkah at 5 stars hotel like Anjum Hotel or Similar, breakfast is included.
  6. • Extra Nights and Ziyrat are available at extra cost upon request
  7. Airlines Tickets are Sold separately , Please contact us for Quote  

Detailed Services:

  • Mafaza Travel will book your flight reservations, and Issue the tickets.
  • MAFAZA Will Help you prepare the Required Documents to Obtain the Umrah Visa. Please check MAFAZA Web Site at for the details of the Required Documents
  • MAFAZA will process your Umrah Visa With The Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • MAFAZA’s Partner in Saudi Arabia (Dallah General Services – Umrah Company) will offer their Services :
    • Meet and Assist the Passenger(s) in the Airports,
    • Provide you with the local ground transportations.

Special Group Umrah Packages:


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6 Responses

  1. Adnan says:

    How much is it for a deluxe/super deluxe ummrah package for 2 for June 5th-June to 8th (Makkah only)?

  2. Mehdi khan says:

    Assalam alaikum
    Could you please give me a price quote for super delux package for 2 people. Jazakallah

  3. MOURAD ATTAR says:


  4. tahir iqbal says:

    I would like to know how much is the umrah super delux 5b package for 2 person from new york (2 person sharing room) for 10 Feb ,march or April 2017 thanks

  5. Salam,

    So the entire cost would be the above mentioned “umrah package fee” plus the “flight ticket fee”? Are there any other hidden fees?


  6. Hind Gamrane says:

    Hello Dear,
    I’m interested for umrah. if you can send me your dates and prices please.
    thank you.

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