Sincerity and Care

Having performed Hajj/Umrah once before (Al Hamdu Lillah) you know the magnitude of the event and the complexities associated with ensuring the best coordination and execution possible. It is clearly not possible for one to do well as a new comer, and more likely not to be done well by one whose intention it is is to do it as a job.

It takes sincerity and care. Mafaza Tours demonstrated its sincerity and care long before the decision to travel was even made. Following such a decision, the level of involvement, concern for our well-being, and ensuring we have a trip free from problems, only increased. This was really impressive. I have to admit, I am not the easiest of clients. I wanted to avoid the rash of issues that seemed to pop up so easily at anywhere or at any point we experienced in our previous trip (not through Mafaza), especially since I was traveling with my 2 year old daughter and expectant wife of 6 months..

Thank you, Mafaza, especially Br. Walid Abusharakh, the President  & CEO of Mafaza, who handled the design and arrangements of our trip so diligently and with obvious sincerity and care.

Jazakum Allah Khair, Br. Walid. Expect to hear from me again, insha-Allah

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