Ramadan Last 10 Days Land Umrah Package – Medina

The Ramadan Last 10 Days Land Umrah Package – Medina

10 Nights, 5 Nights in Makkah first, then 5 Nights in Medina

Valid Dates from Jun 7th to Jun 17th, 2018
Valid Dates from 20 Ramadan to 29/30 Ramadan, 1439

All Packages’ prices are per person
Land Umrah Package 4 persons sharing 1 room = $1195.00 per person
Land Umrah Package 3 persons sharing 1 room = $1395.00 per person
Land Umrah Package 2 persons sharing 1 room = $1595.00 per person
Land Umrah Package 1 persons sharing 1 room = A$K

The Ramadan Last 10 Days Land Umrah Package – Medina includes:

  1. Umrah Visa Processing , “see detailed services below”
  2. Meet and assist at Jeddah / Medina Airport by Dallah Company for Umrah services’ agent
  3. Ground transportation from Jeddah Airport to Makkah Hotel or Medina Airport to Medina Hotel
  4. 5 nights stay in Makkah at 3 stars hotel, like ZamZam Hotel or Similar, Iftar is included.
  5. 5 nights stay in Medina at 4 stars hotel like Anjum Hotel, or similar, Iftar is included.
  6. Extra Nights are available at extra cost upon request
  7. Airlines tickets are sold separately

Detailed Services:

  • Mafaza Travel will book your flight reservations, and Issue the tickets.
  • Mafaza Travel will help you prepare the Required Documents to obtain the Umrah Visa.
  • Mafaza Travel will process your Umrah Visa With The Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Mafaza Travel Agent in Saudi Arabia (Dallah General Services – Umrah Company) will offer their Services:
    • Meet and Assist the Passenger(s) in the Airports,
    • Provide you with the local ground transportations.

Special Group Umrah Packages:


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12 Responses

  1. naim alami says:

    I would like to go to Umrah for the last 20 days in Ramadan of this year 2015.

    Would you please provide me with the package price. I am looking for my own room, do not want to share a hotel room with anyone.

    Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon

  2. abdullah shaker says:

    Assalam alaykum,

    We are planning to travel fro Umrah on 7/10/2015. We have relatives there and do not need hotel. Can you help us get visa only? How much do you charge?


  3. Adaeze Clayton says:

    InshaAllah can you send me information for Umrah last 10 days of Ramadan packages for 2 people.


  4. Mohamed Cole says:

    I am interested in going for umrah this Ramadan 2016 with my wife so it would be accommodation for 2 preferably in a five star hotel. We are looking at doing the entire Ramadan shared between Medina and Makkah or the last 10 days handled in the same manner.
    Shall be grateful if you can revert with your offer for these.
    Best regards.

  5. p. khurshid says:

    please send me package for 15 days ist 5 days medina then last 10 days Makkah

  6. Imad Odeh says:

    I would like to do the Umrah, insahllah, the last 10 days of Ramadan and need more information. Thank you.

  7. parveen khurshid says:

    i want to spend 4 nights in madina, and 12 nights in makka.

    I have a knee problem and NEED to stay very near Harams in both places.

  8. nainamohamed rahman says:

    Interested in Ramadan Last 10days Land Umrah package =Medina with 5 days Makka and 5 days Medina in QUAD sharing the room.
    1. Notify me availability.
    2. Please notify me departure dates from Los Angeles and departure date from Jeddah.
    3. Can I buy my own ticket using MILES for this trip ( I can get business class ticket insha Allah)
    4. Only I have to buy the ticket thru you only, how much will be the one way ticket from LOS ANGELES TO JEDDAH AND FROM JEDDAH TO CHENNAI ( MAA), India.

  9. Mehdi Selmi says:


    i would like to do the umrah the last 10 days of Ramadan with my wife inshalah but how much will it cost with the ticket please?

    Thanks a lot.


  10. promo codes says:

    This is one awesome blog.Really thank you! Great.

  11. Shaikh Rahman says:

    required detail for 10 days umrah in ramzan.

  12. Israr Shaikh says:

    Salam I am interested in your umrah Medina package. We are interested in the 4 person room as we are a family of 4. If you could provide me with more details I would greatly appreciate it

    Jazakallh Br. Israr

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