Welcome to Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency Website Posts

Welcome to Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency Posts

Please send your requests, comments, questions.

Mafaza Agent shall reply to you ASAP

Thank you

Walid Abu-Sharakh


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  1. Assem Salama says:

    My experience with Mafaza travels has been excellent. Their staff was very responsive to my requests about my travel. They made every effort to accommodate my needs. Their turn-around time was very quick. I didn’t have to wait long from them to adjust my flight times or seating arrangements. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family for domestic and international travel. If you are looking for a good honest travel agent don’t look any further!

  2. Hajj Umrah Direct says:

    Compare Hajj and Umrah packages direct from all the leading operators in Pakistan on http://www.HajjUmraDirect.com

  3. Amir Abdullah says:

    It was our first visit to Mecca and Medina, we throughly enjoyed our trip. Brother Walid delivered what he promised, the service was professional and the best deal for our money!!

  4. Md.Mahfuzul alam says:

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
    Minar Turs & Travels

    Dear Hajj and Umrah Agent ,
    Assalamualaicum Orah matullah, we arrived omarah & Hajji brothers and food prices are well-arranged, their needs and the convenience of Mecca al Mukarrama and madina al- manoyara 5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star, including any residential hotel Booking system and in the types of food that you like to order I serve. At all our services sincere and low price. Our service is 10 years of age. Mecca and Medina also can contact us for any kind of service.
    Please contact:
    Mohammad Mahfuzul Alam
    Al-Minar Palace, King Fahad Road, Near Dhaka hotel,
    Madina Al Munawara,
    Mobile No: 0556423554,
    Facebook page: minar turs & travels
    Email: mpdc1978@gmail.com

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  9. Mohammad says:

    Can F1 visa holder apply for Umrah Visa ?

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