Hajj Tour Packages 2018 - 1439

Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency is in its preparation process for the distinguished VIP and Executive Hajj package for the year 1439/2018.

Mafaza Hajj promises dedicated personal services, five star luxurious hotels in Makkah and Medina, and executive services at Mena & Arafat.

Mafaza Quality Services is a Promise and Mafaza Delivers.

Please Contact: Mr. Walid
E-mail: mafaza@mafazatours.com
Call: 703-635-7727
Cell: 202-247-1535

Mafaza Hajj VIP/Executive Outlines:

  • Airlines: Fly Saudi Arabian Airlines nonstop from Washington DC/ JFK to Medina / Jeddah with upgrade options to First / Business class upon request.
  • Accommodations:  Five star hotels located at the Haram boundaries with breakfast and dinner in Makkah and Medina.
  • Occupancy: Two persons per room in Makkah & Medina (three people per room occupancy is available).
  • Transportations: Private VIP Buses with air-condition, toilet, TV, and coolers.
  • Arafat: Private Executive air-conditioned tents with folding sofa chairs, two meals, and cold and hot beverages offered all day.
  • Mena: Private Camp within walking distance from Jamrat with 12 people per private air- cooled tents / rooms. Also included are three daily open buffet meals, and 24 hours hot & cold beverages.
  • Ziyrat: Visits to historical sites in Medina & Makkah will be arranged.
  • Mualeem: A scholar / Mualeem will be accompanying the trip.
  • Guides & Helpers: Assistants, and guides will be accompany us during the Hajj journey.

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